The Archaeological Connection


The white quartz of Rockabill can sometimes shine like diamonds out in the sea. According to George Sevastopulo, professor of natural sciences in Trinity College Dublin, there is a distinct possibility that the white vein
quartz rock that was used in Newgrange came from Rockabill. This point is reiterated by Robert Hensey professor of Archaeology in UCG in his book First light the origins of Newgrange.


Hensey also maintains that Neolithic monuments are connected to the sea. If they are not near the sea they are close to a river. Newgrange as we know is close to the Boyne river. He also notes that there are carvings of what appear to be humpbacked whales in the Knowth west tomb. It is also significant that one the most recent sightings of a humpback was north east of Rockabill circa 2012. In November 2018 a wooden longboat thought to be about 5,000 years old was found near the Boyne river.


Neolithic people prized white quartz highly as they said it stored moon energy. This is interesting as the tomb at Newgrange is said to mirror the shape of the moon as in parts of the inner tomb.

White quartz is also known as Milky Quartz or snow quartz. Judy Hall in her book “Crystals and Sacred Sites” (2012) tells us that snow quartz connects not only the sacred Newgrange but also to the many sacred sites around the world. She maintains that White vein quartz is the “brain cells of mother earth as it seams its way across all continents and under the seas stitching the planet together”.

The quartz on Rockabill contains muscovite (which is  evident at the Newgrange site) Dr Sevastopulo maintains there is a case for the examination of the rock at the Island. This is a project that would need further investigation and I hope that there can be an archaeological test carried out that will confirm the source of the White Quartz.

Figure opposite: Materials transported to Newgrange (after Cooney 2000) Taken with permission from First Light The origins of Newgrange  by Robert Hensey 2015.

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