About Rockabill

Rockabill Island lies off the East Coast of Ireland about 16 kilometres out to sea. It has a lighthouse on the larger rock. It is also an Important Irish bird sanctuary. These two rather unremarkable rocks hold an ancient past that is inextricably linked with our Neolithic ancestors.

Our Neolithic ancestors did not only construct monuments that had astronomical alignments and carried Mythological significance, they also used natural places. I believe Rockabill is one such place.

It is likely that the white quartz rock on the Island were used to construct part of the original outer wall of the Newgrange the most important megalithic centre in Ireland if not the world.


The Baltray standing stone near Drogheda (which is also connected with Newgrange) has an astronomical alignment with Rockabill Island for the Winter Solstice sunrise. This too is very significant as solar alignments (particularly winter solstice alignments) were of great importance to our ancient ancestors.


Rockabill Island also forms part of our Celtic Mythology. Firstly In the story of the Goddess Boann of the Tuathe de Dannann and her dog Dabhilla (Dabhilla being the gaelic for Rockabill). Secondly Rockabill is also linked with the God Balor of the Fomorians who were in Ireland prior to the Tuathe De Dannann.


I invite you to read how I came to this information, how meaningful it is and  in doing so I invite you to Reimagine Rockabill.

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