Hi my name is Patricia Langton and I am Stone Mad!!! 

That is I am mad about stones. Ancient stones have

always fascinated me. For the past twenty years I have

been drawn to visiting places at home and around the

world where stones lie. They can be huge stones like

the pyramids in Egypt or Chichen Itza in Mexico,

Mnajdra Temples in Malta and our own beautiful




They can also be small stone circles in many of the fields around Ireland. The more ancient the stones the better. I am so intrigued as to why they were built, what significance they held for the people who built them and why every time I visit these ancient stones I feel a very deep sense of belonging and connection.

I have lived in Skerries in North County Dublin Ireland for the last thirty five years. It is a most beautiful place, with many natural facilities. In 2008 I was diagnosed with a condition called Fibromyalgia. It is a chronic pain and fatigue illness and although you can look very healthy on the outside it is a very debilitating condition and can randomly render you completely incapacitated for long periods. Due to my health condition I had to give up my good public service job. At this time too both my sons married and moved out of the family home so I found myself for the first time with a lot of time on my hands.

I am a spiritual seeker and this has brought me in contact with lots of different practices

including Meditation and Kriya Yoga. I have studied Esoteric Philosophy  but more recently I have turned my interest to Feminine Spirituality and our own Celtic Mythology which is rich with stories of divine women. 

In February 2018 I read a book titled “If Women Rose Rooted” a wonderful book by Sharon Blackie about women and their connection with landscape. This book sent me on a Journey to finding the ancient story of Rockabill Island. The huge meaning I find in the sacred rocks from all over the World, I now find on my own doorstep!

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About Me

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